Adidas and Birkenstock

Adidas and Birkenstock are two of the largest names inside the shoe industry. Adidas is well-known for its sporty trainers, whilst Birkenstock is known for its sandals that have cork and rubber foot beds. Both manufacturers are clean to recognise; Adidas by using its specific logo logo, and Birkenstock via the simple strapped sandals with cork soles.

An Insight into Adidas

So, what’s it that makes Adidas stand proud of all of the different sports activities running shoes available on the market?
The business enterprise produces numerous sports apparel which include shoes, and much like Birkenstock, the logo is German. Adidas become based in 1924 and is no longer simplest the second biggest sports producer inside the global trailing handiest to its famous American rival Nike, but it also the biggest in Europe. Its 3 parallel striped agency brand became first used in 1967, and is now one of the most famous logos in the international. The Adidas emblem represents a mountain, with the peaks pointing upwards representing destiny challenges and dreams that may be accomplished.

History of Birkenstock

Birkenstock, as its call might propose, is a German emblem and they’re maximum exceptional for generating excessive first-class sandals that can be easily noticed thanks to their cork and rubber soles. The records of the employer is a long one as the logo started back in 1774 by way of Johann Adam Birkenstock who labored as a shoemaker for his local church. By the 1960’s, the employer had conquered america marketplace. Birkenstock shoes are popular with those who work on their toes a lot consisting of nurses, dentists and care workers because of how relaxed they are. While in Germany they’re predominately worn as residence slippers, in the US and UK they’re elegant shoes which can be worn in the warm summer months.

Advertising Campaigns

Both Adidas and Birkenstock have attracted a variety of attention over the years and they have both used famous faces to sell their brands. Birkenstock paintings hard to sell social obligation, network participation, health and health of their campaigns, that specialize in the following top four advertising elements:

• be your self, be obviously good
• be your self, be clearly healthy
• be yourself, be certainly active
• be yourself, be certainly stunning

The concept behind their today’s marketing campaign is to shed the hippy photo that the agency is well-known for and department out to attract new sorts of clients.

Adidas however is using the ‘be the first-class’ fashion of picture to sell their emblem his 12 months as the shoe experts currently have an ad marketing campaign walking that suggests celebrities doing what they do first-class whilst sporting Adidas footwear. You can see Derrick capturing hoops in basketball, Beckham gambling football and Katy Perry dancing and this ad will attraction to quite a number a long time, sexes and races.